Global Depot

System for the maintenance of equipment

It manages the maintenance and repairing of the mobile mining and industrial equipment where the maintenance and repairing of assets is relevant for the results of the system.

GLOBAL Planner controls the periodic maintenance and repairing and/ or contingency; with control variables defined by the clients such as the historic data of the works done which allows planning and programming the resources for the execution of the duties.

GLOBAL Planner integrates itself with other software and/or platforms, whether they are receiving or delivering data, according to what every client requires particularly. Our platform works with standards of technological industry.

GLOBAL Planner allows setting different informs/reports according to the culture and needs of the company, on the different hierarchical levels, with the information that every client and every user requires in particular. The reports are generated automatically on at the moment of being issued. The reports are sent through email and/or asking to the system and it can be exported to PDF format, Excel, and others clients might require.

The best software of management and control

With GLOBAL Planner the people in charge of maintenance defines the variables of control for the periodic maintenance and repairing or by contingency of the works done by the equipment or components, facilitating the access to the historic data of each one of them.

This is meant to:

  • Mining equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Fleets
  • Components


Technical Record

It registers all the information and relevant documentation of the equipment registered in the system; this information is used for every module of GLOBAL.


It registers the interventions that are part of the guidelines of maintenance and have to be checked in an equipment and don’t need the immediate detention of this one, managing the observed deviations or adding this information on the next maintenance guideline.


It controls all detentions whether they are due to the operation, maintenance, or repairing of the equipment. This allows us to have an efficient control in order to obtain the necessary KPI’s in the management of the fixed assets.

Repair Order

It registers the access of an equipment managing the information and the resources used, whether they are technical, of the equipment, spare parts or other ones defined in the final cost. The system feeds automatically from the information every executor of the tasks adds correspondingly.

Maintenance log

Record of every equipment which registers all the interventions and repairs. It feeds automatically from all the relevant information from the system and refers to the equipment.

Consumption of lubricants

It manages the consumption of lubricants and grease of every equipment.


It provides the defined KPI’s by the users, whether they are about availability, use, operative hours of the equipment, performance, production, etc.

Hour meter

It allows the entry of hour meters of every equipment in a massive manner from a spreadsheet (xls), manual entry or automatically from GPS of every equipment. This information essential for the updates for the updates of the data of our assets in operation within worksites.

Program/Guideline/Maintenance Planner

It allows the periodic maintenances that are done on every equipment and what the maker of it recommends to get an optimal performance of the asset. It allows adding the suggested guidelines of maintenance to the system, which one will optimize – through artificial intelligence – the future maintenances of every equipment according to the use that is being given to every one of them.

Repair in an outside workshop

It manages and administrates every component, equipment or asset which is sent to be repaired in an outside supplier. It allows to know, in every moment, where our assets are, and the information is added up to the record of every equipment or component.

Technical report

Every time a maintenance of an equipment is done, as a procedure to complete a work order, a "technical repair report" must be done which indicates the interventions done to the equipment in detail.

Lubricant per equipment

It registers the lubricants – recommended by the maker - used in every equipment. It also allows to register alternative lubricants and grease that every equipment management or technical unit of a Company decides to choose for their equipment.

Tire control

Within every industrial site, one of the highest costs is produced by tire wearing. Global planner includes the control of tire wearing, which allows getting the information of the cost per millimeter/hour in order to be compared among the different brands and applications, and also knowing the best tire option that it is required to use.

Equipment filter

It registers all filters – recommended by the maker – used in every equipment. Plus, it registers all those alternative filters that every equipment management or technical unit of a company authorizes to use in theirs.