Global Hunter

System of Purchases and Supply

It controls and manages the aquisition of physical and service resources administrating the follow up of every requirement, from the request of material, the purchase order, until what was requested gets to the company.

The Best Purchase and Supply Software

It has flow of approvals, quotations, and budget control in order to give the decision makers the best alternative to reduce costs. The digital signature facilitates the approvals on the different levels, assuring traceability and control.

GLOBAL Hunter integrates itself to other softwares and/or platforms, whether they are receiving or delivering data according to what every client in particular requires. Our platform works with standards of the technological industry.

GLOBAL Hunter allows setting up the different reports according to the culture and needs of the company, and the different hierarchical levels, with the information that every client or every user requires in particular. The reports are generated automatically or at the moment. The report is sent through emails and/or asking from the system, and this can be exported to PDF format, Excel or any other the client requires.


Master of Materials

A robust database holds the information of every tool, consumable, and instruments along with their characteristics and images. This information is used to connect it with the inflow and outflow form warehouses, the dispatch to another warehouse, etc.

Register of Personnel

It facilitates the enrollment of the workers who interact with the warehouse through I.D., bar code card, RFID chip, or any other.

Register of Suppliers

A form of registers of all suppliers which contains relevant information of each one of them.

Quotation request

It is a document generated by GLOBAL Hunter and it is sent electronically to the different suppliers (email). It is a form that contains data from a Material Order so suppliers formalize their quotation.

Quotation Uploading

It is the upload of the quotations that have been sent to the different suppliers connected to a specific Material Order.

Sending a Purchase Order to Supplier

The action of sending the approved purchased order to the supplier (email) in which all the commercial conditions are detailed.

Purchase Order

Document which formalizes the acquisition of goods and which the supplier commits themselves to deliver the products in the conditions and terms established previously. In the Purchase Order every article is identified with an SKU provided by the supplier.

Service Order

Document which formalizes the acquisition of a service. The supplier commits themselves to provide the service under the conditions and terms already established.

Document Status

Report which presents to the user the information of the purchase process, from the emission of the Material Request until the inflow of the products to the warehouse.

Budget upload

It adds budget line for every cost center of defined charge, per contract or work site. This allows administrating and managing according to the defined objects by the organization.

See Budget

The users of the system access to the budget lines for every cost center (defined cost), or per contract or work site. This allows a general visualization of the budget state.

Material Request without Budget

In this sub-module, all Material Requests, which count with all approval signatures, but do not have enough Budget in order to issue the Purchase Order, remain on hold until it has budget